What about the Universe?

We could count the stars on the sky for madness or for boredom. But often we forget to number us too, the only star, the only planet, the only sun that really matters! We look at the Universe with a strange distrust, it feels like we couldn’t imagine that there are other worlds, and other realities, and other places where different people love, hate, kill and live. So reality hits us permanently with her dark side hidden in the shadow: what we cannot see, see us. However, step by step, things that we don’t see begin to be visible and we start to feel the absence of that kind of stuff we were accustomed.


We are just a little part of the Universe and as long as there will be a balance, harmony will exist too. But a man is a chaotic being who will tend to assume the role of knowledge and he will be unable to understand and face up the infinity of the unknown. Man hasn’t been created to be happy but to oscillate between the madness of discovering things and the boredom of harmony. Happiness is just a bait which is going to keep him in the race till the end.


I often wonder why the universe exists. I would like to know what is behind all that, are there any aliens or unknown creatures. Are there other civilizations? I don’t think I will ever know those big mysteries of life. And in my opinion, even if we would discover them we couldn’t be able to understand everything. I’m afraid of the future and beside that I can’t stop wondering if someday I will certain know that there are other civilizations. I know it sounds a little crazy but I do believe in aliens. These are just some thoughts which pass through my mind about the universe.



A real friend is a person who is there for you when you need him, it helps you when you have a problem, it keeps your secrets, shares things with you, bares you with all your qualities and defects. Of course, you have to treat all your friends the way you want to be treated and you always have to tell your friend the true, this is the only way to keep a real friend.

A person must look at himself inside and outside as like a mirror, not in one deceptive way, you have to reflect your personality without misrepresenting it. The friendship is based on confidence and spirit of sacrifice.
I think nobody could live without friends, no matter how rich or how intelligent you are.
Friendship is the most important term to keep peace on Earth. Without it nobody could live happily on the planet. In our days, very often there is a negative form of friendship manifestation, and I think that teen-agers from all over the world have a different opinion about friendship. Friend is a very sacred word, one we hold dear to our heart. They help us by making each day a little brighter by just being there. Time may change many things, but a true friendship never dies, and like the sun on a warm spring day, it shines for all to see.

A real friend is always next to you, when the rest of the world is against you. You can count on his support and that he will help you get throw the problem.  A true friend gives us inspiration and hope for the future, and a joy to the mind and heart, and this is what a friend is all about and why they are a treasure to me.

Un mundo ideal

Y no quería despertarme de ese mágico sueño, por miedo a perderte, por miedo a no poder sentir más el calor de tus caricias, tus abrazos, tus besos con sabor a miel. Éramos solo tú y yo y nuestros sentimientos a flor de piel. El frío nunca existía porque la llama de la pasión era la que nos calentaba y nos unía cada vez más. En tus ojos veía la reflexión de mi alma y en mis ojos veías la reflexión de tu alma. No necesitábamos a nadie más. Éramos como dos ángeles caídos del cielo que se dedicaban a crear amor y esperanza.

Y no quería despertarme a la realidad…prefería ese mundo de sueños, donde las penas no existen, donde las lágrimas son de felicidad, donde eres libre como un pájaro que vuela en lo alto del cielo, donde las responsabilidades son dejadas a un lado y la única responsabilidad con la que hay k cumplir es la de hacer feliz a la persona amada y a ti mismo. Ese mundo en el que te sientes la persona más feliz del mundo y te llena por dentro como si de magia y mariposas se tratara, que vuelen por dentro de ti. Un mundo lejano, donde solo existen personas capaces de amar, hacer el bien y vivir eternamente. Un mundo tan perfecto que si pasarás 5 minutos allí, no desearías nunca jamás volver al mundo real. Yo sería capaz de ser como La Bella Durmiente y elegir dormir para poder soñar que vivo en ese mundo de fantasía. Ese mundo lleno de paz y de alegría que te hace ser así como tú quieres, que saca a la luz tu verdadera persona, tus sentimientos: esos sentimientos que a veces tanto intentamos esconder por miedo, por si la otra persona no nos corresponde en igual medida, por si nos hacen daño y nos rompen el corazón.

En ese mundo tan perfecto e ideal es donde me gustaría vivir y sería feliz hasta el fin de los tiempos. Asique esta noche, cuando me vaya a dormir, cerraré los ojos lentamente y rezaré para volver a soñar con ese mundo y contigo.

I choose me:D

I would like to stop just for a second only to tell you that I have made a step more. But that would be a lie because I haven’t done any step…I’m still here, bounded to the past and to the present, but with my heart behind or forward.

But maybe you should know that if you run, you don’t have to let your soul behind but make sure that he follows you. If your soul remains behind, it means that you’re sad. But it isn’t good being happy neither…the best thing is to be nobody. Because “nobody” has at the same time everything and nothing. He can do anything because no one asks him counts. Having a name involves the risk of being judged and forgotten and you can get hurt. I choose to be a girl and a “nobody” because I want freedom, happiness and sadness, good and bad because without them life couldn’t exist. I choose to be a “nobody” because I don’t wanna be a name written on a piece of paper rumpled and thrown to the recycle bin. I want a memory.

That’s why I choose me, the happy and the sad one, the one who can laugh with tears, the one who loves nature, sea, air, colours and music. I choose to be the one who can bring you a smile on your sad face when you’re gonna be thinking about her. I choose to be a LUCKY girl. Because I consider myself a lucky girl for the simple fact that I wake up every morning surrounded by love, by friends. But the most important thing is that I choose to be a lucky one because I can give to anyone a little love, joy and understanding. I’m happy that I was born and thankful for this gift that someone gave me.


It is a pleasant October night…the autumn kisses the night’s cold with every wind breeze, with every star’s twinkle. In my heart everything it’s so messed up that I don’t even remember when you appeared, not even when you disappeared…I don’t know why you came in my life and neither your intention. I didn’t need anyone, I had myself and that was enough. Things were so simple and known, they were calmed and situated. Suddenly, you arrived and I couldn’t find anymore my place in the scenery. The first smile remained on my lips just like a butterfly, feeding its thirst from my longing of you.

Later, I met you and everything seemed so naturally till the day when I found the last smile somewhere, deep in my body, serried in a corner, watching out for other thoughts…and I gave it to you. With just a look you changed my season and the rain drops scattered me again sadness. With a hand you were the holding the umbrella and with the other one you were holding me….but there wasn’t anymore “us” and the universe of drops, it was a whole cold world of thoughts between us. I wished I had told you something more, but the rain has already told too much…I take a deep look at you, although you’re part of the past…it stills hurts. Too late I understood that actually I wasn’t needed there because you had conquered all my space and there was nothing else for me. Now I wonder myself, where could I look for you, where I can find you if you’re not even in my memories anymore? Why did you come in my life if you knew that you would leave it so fast?

Something about me:D

I have learned so much in my life, yet I’m still incredibly behind with a whole world left undiscovered. I keep expanding my horizons bit by bit, though it doesn’t seem like enough. 

I’ve never eaten chocolate in the rain. I love cherries, strawberries and watermelons. When I was little I chased fairies that I could never see, though I’ve always believed in magic. I’ve always known what I was meant to do. I’m afraid of the dark and of speaking in public. I love sad songs. I hate being so sensitive. I hate odd numbers.  I like standing in the rain and I still remember that when I was a little girl my parents told me that if I stayed in the rain I would be taller.

I like to win, I hate to lose. I am patient with everyone and everything. I love wedding dresses and I hope someday I’ll have one. I’m romantic, I’m a dreamer and I believe in love at first sight. I have a vivid imagination. I could perfectly live in my fantasy world; photography, movies, dance, music and other stuff which allows me to create dreams are my strong points. I believe in destiny and horoscope and the most important thing for me is kindness. I know what I want just not how to get it sometimes. I want my happily ever after, but this is just me, what can I say?